1.Full-Service Zero-Waste Food Service Program : Wholesale and Training

Wholesale – Buying bulk premium products, AND we provide training online, for free, because we care.

We primarily work with industries below but not exclusive to others.
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Health Food Stores / Bulk Food Stores

Cafe / Restaurant

Tea Business (online and/or offline)

Spa / Salon

Custom designed private menu (with your branding)

Display jars to match your business and show off your tea!

Some of the services we provide our small business clients include:

Training for owners, managers & staff in Tea Excellence

Custom recipe blending by our Tea Lovers. 🙂

DIY eco-friendly TEA BAGS and tea bag services

2. Private Labeling

Reaching your customers with a high-end signature branded product packs for ongoing sales or one-off marketing promotional gifts. Custom packaging and tea bags

3. Online Business Coaching

More gain, less pain, when you work with someone who GET you and been where you are going. Best results only achieved with momentum doing the RIGHT thing. We can help.

4. Marketing Partnership

We work with large and small, one-off and ongoing partnerships with businesses to achieve win-win.

For deals, combo packs, wholesale tea, access to our store, samples, preferred customer status and much more!

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