Ruby GABA oolong



2018 Toronto Tea Festival 1st Place Winner! 

Origins: Nantou County, Taiwan
Grade: Certified Organic Premium Curly Oolong Tea
Altitude: 2300 feet above sea level
GABA Elixir Content: 254mg/100g
Ferment Rating: 70%
Brewing Instructions: 1-3 mins, 80-90º C

Description: A revitalizing GABA oolong tea, crafted in Nantou, a high mountain region famous for having produced oolong tea masters of which only myths and stories remain. This incredible oolong is a heavy roast, with a ruby-fire appearance and pleasant coffee flavour.

Additional information


Nantou County, Taiwan 


1300 feet above sea level 

Brewing Instructions

1-3 mins, 80-90°C


Curly Loose Leaf Oolong Tea

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