Cold Brewed Tea

Cold brewing loose tea is simple, tasty, and a great way of extracting the goodness of whole leaf tea. The slower extraction process of cold brewed tea results in a flavorful infusion where you don’t run the risk of bitter oversteeping. The same cold brewing method works well for many loose leaf teas, including green teas, white teas, yerba mate, as well as some oolongs and herbals.

It’s so simple to make fresh iced tea. You can cold brew loose leaf tea in the refrigerator over night using cold water and an iced tea pitcher, such as Steep & Chill. And now, you can cold brew tea on-the-go by using our new Steepware® tea filter designed for water bottles – Steep & Go. You can download our free ebook, DIY Cold Brew Tea Lifestyle Guide, for information on how to cold brew tea, the health benefits of cold brewing, and fresh recipe ideas.

Tea Leaf

Cold Brew Tea in a Bottle

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